Trade & Retail

When your products shine,
your customers beam as well

Our electrical solutions for chain stores and exclusive retail outlets allow you to present yourself even more enticingly on your sales floor.

Unlocking success: Our strategy

Comprehensive solutions tailored for small-scale boutiques all the way up to expansive retail outlets.

Project support

E.g. full-scale installations: we’ll lay new cables throughout your premises. And set up a new main distribution panel.

Customer Service

If you move your fresh-food counter, we’ll adjust the lighting. And use our know-how to showcase your products to their best advantage, thanks to an expert selection of colours.


We’ll install the identical display counter in 10 different shops according to your specifications.


Our team has a long track record: we’ve already assisted over 100 individual retailers and 50 sites for a major German chain store.


Thanks to our nationwide presence, we can usually be on site in 1 to 2 hours to solve the problem.

Inspection assistance

We’ll help you stay up to code by eliminating technical shortcomings. From improper screws in your electrical outlets to outdated distribution panels.

Three mistakes we can help you
avoid right from the start

Lack of Flexibility
Your cooling system stops in the middle of the day. And it takes forever for help to arrive.
Lack of Experience
A socket still doesn’t work despite being checked. A light continues to flicker. Annoying.
Lack of Technical Expertise
Your fresh-food counter is now in a better position, but your products look old instead of appetising.

Qualities that are always in our grid:
Precision, power and a flair for accents

In your store: We know every socket inside and out

So we find problems faster than other providers.

Our motto: Ready at a moment’s notice. Day or night.

Including before you open or after you close.

Experience in hundreds of markets:
Adept at every move we make

We can do it all in our sleep. But we’re wide awake.

Lighting expertise is what charges our circuits

Our professionals will cast you in the right light.

Our most electrifying talent: Installations
that attract even more customers.

Contacts who give you that extra spark

Christiane Kröck

Authorised signatory | Finance & Law

Halid Rizvanovic

Accounting & Transport Management

Thomas Jäntsch

Team Kelkheim
Technical Manager

René Lossner

Team Kelkheim
Project Manager

Yannick Hagel

Team Kelkheim
Project Manager

Jens Hippe

Team Berlin
Project Manager

Thomas Bolz

Team Berlin
Project Manager

Pierre Brunotte

Team Frankfurt
Project Manager

Daniel Karl

Team Frankfurt
Service Manager

Jörg Fickenscher

Team Cologne
Project Manager

Dirk Ostrzinski

Team Cologne
Service Manager

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