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We’re the power behind
the "Wow!"

We’re the only company in Germany specialised in electrical services for trade fairs, events and retail – not to mention exclusive residential and office space.

Our extensive experience with electrical and lighting systems allows us to create presentation and event spaces that beguile. And spaces for living and working that inspire.

We’re a supercharged team of 100-plus electro-fanatics. Our head office is in Kelkheim. Additional offices and warehouses are located on the fairgrounds in Frankfurt, Cologne and Berlin.

Powered up
since 1979

„Ever since Electronica was established, what has made it unique is its extraordinary drive. Originally fuelled by my father’s can-do mentality. Thanks to him, I’ve been at home in the world of electrotechnology as long as I can remember.   

Nonetheless, I had other plans. But when my father died far too soon in 2011, I realised I wanted to continue his life’s work. And was soon fascinated by everything related to electricity.

Today, we service trade fairs throughout Germany and have many years of expertise powering up the retail trade.   

My passion for perfectly designed lighting solutions led to the creation of our longstanding partner, the rental service SPOTS UP. In 2020, it was joined by our woodworking and exhibition specialist, Fairworks.

We go the extra mile – to make you even more successful. We do it by being conspicuously inconspicuous. And ensuring you’re the one who’s electrifying.“

—Marcel Paetzold

The electricians who are handy
at pleasing the eye

For us, electrical installations are more than just a technical necessity. They’re the control centre for creating the atmosphere our customers desire.

That means our work is only perfect if it remains invisible. Which is why we integrate electrical solutions so elegantly, they’re barely noticeable.

We prefer to set accents using light. After all, it can both illuminate and obscure. It makes products alluring or banal, sales environments radiant or dull.

Our mission is to give you a fascinating presence that wins over even more customers.

This is how we see ourselves: as the power behind your „Wow!“

This is how we conduct ourselves


We’re the precision experts of the electrotechnical world: every circuit is exactly calculated, every connection safe and secure. And every installation neat and tidy.


Our technically adept specialists are trained to respond quickly. Especially when there’s pressure. Our credo is simple: we’re always there for you.

Wired for "Wow!"

Our customers want their products to impress. We plan and create the setting which makes that happen. Using a very special power tool: light.   

Contacts who give you that extra spark

Christiane Kröck

Authorised signatory | Finance & Law

Halid Rizvanovic

Accounting & Transport Management

Thomas Jäntsch

Team Kelkheim
Technical Manager

René Lossner

Team Kelkheim
Project Manager

Yannick Hagel

Team Kelkheim
Project Manager

Jens Hippe

Team Berlin
Project Manager

Thomas Bolz

Team Berlin
Project Manager

Pierre Brunotte

Team Frankfurt
Project Manager

Daniel Karl

Team Frankfurt
Service Manager

Jörg Fickenscher

Team Cologne
Project Manager

Dirk Ostrzinski

Team Cologne
Service Manager

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